Classic Nutcracker Watercolor Acrylic Stir Sticks

Add a festive touch to your cocktails, cocoa, and coffee this holiday season with these Classic Nutcracker acrylic stir sticks! And, since they come in a variety pack with four unique holiday designs - they can even be used as drink markers at holiday parties! Each set of 4 is packaged in a clear box with branded sticker and care instructions. Must be sold in original packaging. * Reusable - Hand wash & hand dry only * Do not use in dishwasher * Do not use in beverages that exceed 195 degrees * Sold in sets of 4 * Each stir stick is 6" tall * BPA free * Waterproof * Safe for all beverages * Handle with care to avoid chipping & scratching * Keep out of reach of children under the age of 10 - if broken can present a choking hazard if swallowed * Artwork copyright of Simply Jessica Marie * Stir stick design copyright of Acrylic Sticks, LLC.

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