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In honor of Lisa Ford

Such Grace

The three girls, Amanda, Alli, & Ashley, we have always dreamt of one day opening up a store in Graham, Tx. Growing up we always heard from our Nanny “Always carry yourselves with such grace in everything you do girls.” A recurring phrase that we heard constantly. The way it was worded changed all the time, except for the words such grace. When she passed, we knew we wanted to go ahead and chase our dreams of owning a store and decided to name it Such Grace Boutique in her honor. We wouldn’t be who we are without her.

The store is now over two years being in business, and it’s been so amazing to see the support from our community. Our store has reached almost every state & we’ve had so much fun packing and shipping out orders all over. Such Grace is growing more and more by the day. Also, we wouldn't be who we are without our "Micheal Ray" giving us the most support and encouragement we could ever ask for. With love, from all 4 of us, come shop Such Grace!

Ray, Amanda, Alli & Ashley