Gibson 24 Pack Backpack | Kanga

The Pouch 24 Backpack is the all-purpose, compact, and convenient backpack cooler made to be used with or without ice so that no matter the road ahead, a cold one's always within reach. Key Features - Keeps drinks cold for up to 7 hours without ice - Keeps drinks cold all day with ice - Designed to fit a 24 pack of cans, 2x12 packs of standard or slim cans, or loose drinks + Ice - Features 3 versatile storage pockets - Premium Comfortable Backpack Straps - Made for convenience, ease of use. Just slide in a cold case and enjoy! - Extremely lightweight, adds virtually no weight to the case - Front-Loading Machine Washable (Air Dry) - Can use with a Kanga Beer Block to enhance performance - Perfect for beaches, boating, adventures

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